KUPA UltraNote X15 Availability

Dear KUPA fan,

First of all, thank you for reaching out to us regarding X15. We share your excitement about UltraNote X15 and we have some good news for you.

We know you have been waiting for an answer on where to purchase you X15. For our North America fans, now you can preorder your X15 at Dynamism. Dynamism has 15 years of serving technology enthusiasts and has a reputation for top notch customer service. We believe this partnership will help bring the best X15 experience for our users in North America region. Please stay tuned for updates on accessories and module options.

As with our fans in other continents, we will release information to you as soon as it is available. For those of you who have specific questions regarding X15 or KUPA, we will answer your email individually.

Thank you again for reaching out to us and we look forward hearing from you.

KUPA Worldwide

KUPA UltraNote X15

KUPA UltraNote X15

7 responses to “KUPA UltraNote X15 Availability

  1. Well, like so many tablet makers you forgot one of the most important things…an RJ45 lan jack. I don’t know what’s wrong with all these designers but they just don’t realize that many of us are not stupid enough to allow wireless waves into our homes. I guess spending so much time with wireless devices has fried their brains. I, however, will have to look elsewhere for a tablet that allows me to connect to my cable internet at home.

  2. Any idea when the docking system and spare batteries will be available?

    @Caldude – for $40 or less, you can get USB 3.0 to Ethernet RJ-45 adapter at several stores.

  3. the x15 is 90% perfect. the last 10% would be to have the docking station keyboard to have a touchpad with 2 separate left/right buttons.

  4. I’ve been searching for the perfect computer for awhile now, and, while I agree with you, there will always be something else to strive for, the X15 just about seems to cover what my dream machine is. But where are the updates? Is this really being released? I see Dynasium has an estimated shipping date of May 7th now, but that’s been pushed back twice before.

    • Yeah I’m looking forward to at least reading some reviews to see if it is as good as it sounds. Anyupdate of release dates yet Kupa?

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